Welcome Gents,

Men ought to dress well, it might as well be a scientific fact.  When a man puts on a crisp clean well put together outfit something clicks.  He walks a little taller, he speaks with more confidence. He is free to accomplish anything he will set his mind on; without his clothing stopping him.  But a man ought to be more than just clothes. He should have the kind of character that is worthy of the time and effort put into his wardrobe. That is the difference between a Gentleman and any old garden variety brute in a suit. That is why this blog exists, not to dress you well(I’m not your mom) but to help you on the journey to become a man who dresses well. It’s not a shopping list, it is an extension of the time honored spirit that made men look good and do good.  If that is your goal then this blog is for you; enjoy, learn, interact and grow with other young men who aspire to be more, who aspire to be Gentlemen.-Louis-

Lets get started!