Keep It Simple Stupid

Starting to change the way you dress can be a daunting task. It’s the main reason so many people decide to stay planted in their sloppy dressing routines! However this doesn’t have to be the case, it’s very doable! If I could do it, then anyone can!  Just  stick to the acronym K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid)  You need not worry yourself about the tons of little tiny details and millions of different styles of jackets, shoes, collars, and patterns, while starting off.  Stick with the basics! You’re gonna make mistakes with pairing and arranging, just don’t let it deter you from trying again.  Find someone who you know will be honest with you a brother or close friend to bounce things off of. Keep in mind, some things are a matter of opinion and you shouldn’t listen to everything your pal tells you, its important to develop your own style.  When shopping for or going through old clothes stick with the staple colors e.g. blue, gray, dark green, black, white, and beige. You can get into combining other colors when you get a solid foundation. You don’t have to stray far from the classic and timeless appearance. Look for the things that made your grandfather look good, and still hold their own today. Those have stood the test of time and will continue to for many years. You can’t go wrong here. A few key pieces that I think  are a must have for all men would have to be:


  • A white button up. It’s pretty safe to say this will never go out of style and is the most interchangeable piece you can own. It goes with anything, you can dress it up with a sport coat and dress slacks, or down alone with some dark denim  jeans. But it’s very important with this as with everything you buy that the fit is perfect, to loose or to tight can make anything you buy a fail. I’ll talk about this in a separate post.
  • A Blue button up. Much like the white but if you’re looking for a little color that’s easy to coordinate with, blues are the best option in my mind.
  • Dark denim jeans. This  is my go to for casual wear. It takes casual a step up while at the same time maintaining a level of class .
  • Gray Flannel trouser. This is an all round great dress pant, it pairs with any shirt and color, this makes it i a must have.
  • Navy blue blazer. This goes for your first suit as well. Navy (and charcoal grey) they complement the majority of men.

If you make all your base clothes interchangeable it will help in so many way. I’ll start by highlighting 3 of them for now:

  1. It will make picking an outfit that works 10x easier. When you have 4 shirts and 5 pair of pants that all work with one another, picking a sharp outfit will be effort less.
  2. If all your clothes work together, or at lest 90% of them, you can go a long way with a little bit. Allowing you to start off with fewer pieces of clothing, saving you time and $$$
  3. Starting with these staple colors will give you a solid place to build on when you’re ready  to add-on to your collection.

Keep in mind while looking for your starter garments;  Is this something that will be in style in the next ten years? WIll this last me for the next few years? Am I getting the best deal I can? Does this coordinate with 90% of my already started foundation? Is this sending a message that I want others to pick up on? Stick to asking yourself that and I’m positive you’ll put together a collection of clothing that will last you a long while and that speaks, the message you want to get across!


Post by: Louis Geramita