What to Wear: To an Interview

What to Wear: To an Interview

For many young people going into their first job interview can be an intimidating obstacle, this is true for the older gentlemen as well.  The fear of rejection can be found in every man.  Will I get the job?  What will they think of me?  Will I say the right thing?  Was I showing confidence and the skills they are looking for?  These are all questions that go through our heads.  When you meet someone for the first time a first impression forms in their head, even before you speak. That’s because your body language, clothing, and physical appearance speak for you.

So imagine yourself interviewing a young chap for your company: he stumbles into the room, hair a mess, tank top,  sandals and doesn’t look you in the eye or shake your hand, only responds with one syllable words. He looks afraid and nervous. Would you hire him? Most likely not.  Now, let’s try another scenario, this time a different man walks in: hair done well, shirt and tie with dress slacks. introduces himself with eye contact and a firm handshake, he sits up straight and replies with “Yes, sir” “No, sir”. He also thanks you for your time and proceeds out the door. Now, who in your mind is better suited for a job? Who spoke a positive message to you?  Who by his actions and self-respecting appearance demonstrated that he is someone you could probably depend on when you needed them?  I would say the second man.

Now, picking something to wear to make a good impression isn’t rocket science.  A properly ironed dress shirt (nothing says I was running late like a wrinkled shirt) tie, dress shoes, and slacks should do the trick. The formality of your outfit all depends on the job.  Some places would require a suit to show your potential employer that you mean business.  In any case, I wouldn’t take it lower than a shirt and tie, if you don’t know how to tie-a-tie check out the RMRS complete tie chart here. Depending on the weather a sweater is a good addition. As for pants, I wouldn’t go any more casual than dark denim jeans, but only if they are designated as dress jeans. No jeans you would wear to work in, or shorts of any kind are a no go, they are highly unprofessional. Your hitting the final stretch so let’s not stop here. Now, lets go over your shoe options,  This is key.  You don’t want to walk in perfectly put together and be sporting a pair of tennis shoes.  I’ve seen this done before!  It will do you good to have a pair of black or dark brown Blucher’s, Blucher’s are a little less formal than Balmoral Oxford’s but in the long run, you’ll get more use out of them.  Another acceptable choice is Chukka /chuck-ah/ boots, they are less formal the Bluchers but still appropriate. Last but not least accent items, you don’t need much, simple is better.  A watch is great, it shows your punctual and well-managed. You also should match the color of your belt to your shoes it will show an attention to detail. You’re all set to have the best chance at landing your first job, or second, third, or fourth etc. This isn’t a cure-all method: this job might be a flop. But that first impression is still set in the employer’s mind and could open doors in the future.  Just get back up and at it again. Good Luck!

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What kind of first job do you want to look for?

Post by: Louis Geramita