3 Easy Style Upgrades

Whether you’re a young sprout that can’t afford a wardrobe change, a student that doesn’t have the time, or an adult that doesn’t know where to start. Upping your style can be easy and affordable.  A lot of men’s style professionals make dressing well look unreachable, without a ton of know-how and  a good bit of cash in your pocket. But their job isn’t to make it look attainable, they have to put out the best of the best, if that means putting a man in a $2,000 Armani suit then that’s what they are going to do. However this does not help the average man.

So let’s go through and find ways to bring our attire up to the next level as cheap as possible and with little knowledge of it.

The on a Budget

  1. Thrift store shopping. This is not beneath anyone, there is no shame in buying used clothing. In fact most of my clothing was purchased at a thrift stores. It’s a great way to get quality clothes cheap. Having said that I must also point out that this is a hit and miss kinda game, not every time you go to a thrift store will you find a suit, 5 dress shirts and, the greatest fitting pants that have ever touched your hindquarters! You’ll probably have to make a few trips a week to snag a great find, and this can be time-consuming. But totally worth it when you find that shirt that makes you feel like Bradley Cooper!
  2. Hitting up your local discount store. When retail stores can’t sell their own product at a reduced sale price, they go and sell them for peanuts to discount stores. You end up getting the unwanted clothing from retail stores, but I personally like this option better than thrift store shopping, it will cost you a little more than most used clothing, stores but this is less time consuming and has a better turn-out.
  3. Taking hand-me-downs.  Like the thrift store this is not a lowly thing to do, if you know of a friend or relative (brothers are best or this 😉 ) with a similar body type, that’s cleaning out and getting ready for a yard sale. Go ahead and ask if they’d mind if you get first pick at some of their clothes before they hit goodwill.
  4. Get to a tailor. So many people don’t take advantage of this enough.  You can get shirts brought in for as little as $10 (depending on where you live) getting a shirt to fit, will make you look a lot better than just a shirt off the rack. Be careful some alteration can be costly or to hard to be done such as shoulder length, and those things are best to get fitting right before you buy. The best way to find out whats cheap to get adjust and whats not, is to ask your tailor for a price list and whats the easiest things for him to alter.
  5. Learn to make small adjustment on your own. If you have time and the resources (or someone with a sewing machine) take time to learn simple tailoring techniques. You can also learn how to sew your own clothing but that is a commitment to learn to do and isn’t always that price effective. But if it interests you, Go for it!
  6. Quality over Quantity. When trying to save money it would be smart of you to buy a clothing that lasts you a good 4 to 5 years then having to buy a new pair of pants every year because they keep losing their form. This does not go to say they buying cheaper clothing is a bad thing for some people going to target and finding that shirts you’ve had your eye on for weeks, finally on sale for $7.95, is heaven-sent. But when buying lesser quality items, stray away from bigger items such as suites, shoes, and so on. For the occasional casual piece its a great way to save money.
  7. Style over fashion trends. If you are constantly buying what’s fashionable at the time you’ll end up needing new clothes every year or so, Since fashion changes regularly.  Keep with the timeless style that you can wear year after year and you’ll find yourself saving a buck.

The to busy to dress nice

  1. Know your measurements. While shopping knowing what all your sizes are will cut back on time. Find the section that is your size and avoid anything that’s the wrong size. Depending on  how detailed the measurements on the clothing is, you can may even get away without having to try it on. I don’t recommend this do to the fact that some sizes vary with clothing manufactures. If it’s a brand you’re familiar with and you know how their sizes go then skipping out on trying it can help save time and allow you to look for more clothing.
  2. Go in prepared. Go in to every store with a game plan.  What are you looking for? What do you need? What style? What is the application?  You can even get specific like. what color? What style? and What fabric? Don’t get very in-depth, this could waste more time finding the perfect item, and leave you frustrated not finding the clothing of your dreams! So keep an open prospective, be willing  to compromise on close enough.
  3. Online shopping. This is a huge time saver, you can find the exact article of clothing in a matter of minuets. You lose in customer service while shopping online, but if you know your measurements you should be good to go.
  4. Men’s style sites. There are places that just by filling out a quick form about yourself, they will give you examples on clothing that you should buy. They sometimes even send you the clothing that they think would fit you, for a little bit a month. This will give you a game plan while shopping.
  5. Buying interchangeable clothing. If you stay with clothing that works together. Like solid colors, not to many distinguishing patterns, basic colors (blue, jean, kaki, and gray).  Allowing all your clothing to go together effortlessly, will give you many more outfit options and keep the need for new clothes, so you don’t look like the guy who never changes. Doing this will also cutting down on the cost!

The I have no clue

  1. Learn.  If you have no clue and would like to know more.  Than this is the best advice I can give you!!

But if you are content with where you’re at not knowing much about men’s style and would just like to dress better.  Maybe you would like to implement some things now before you spend time leaning the ins and outs. Here are some tips for you.

  1. Fit.  Clear out your clothing  that does not fit for clothing that does.  For more info on how your clothing should fit visit Real Men Real Style for more in-depth articles.
  2.  Avoid men’s wear house stores like the plague.  They will charge you an arm and a leg on things you can get much cheaper else where.  And most of the time the employees are only there to make a sale and can take advantage or your limited knowledge and have you leave spending too much money on things you really don’t need.
  3. Men’s style sites. Like the last tip, many sites like Cladwell And Fashion stork,  can really help with finding clothing opinions, or even buy them, and send them to you.
  4. Style over fashion trends. This will make buying clothes a lot easier.  If you aren’t worrying about  what new just learn what has looked good and still does, and you’ll save time not trying to keep up with men’s style.

Now hopefully this has given you a good start in advancing your style.  Men’s style is not as hard and complected as it is made out to be.  It does take time and commitment just like anything in life. The more you work on it the better you’ll be.  Just stick to the basics that I’ve laid out in this article and you’ll be set.