Men’s Guide To Perfect Sunglasses

It’s sunglass season and you’re on the hunt, it’s a sunny day and you have confidence you’ll snag the trophy pair when suddenly you’re stopped in your tracts by all the various styles and shapes you’re confronted with. What pair should I get?  Which ones will fit my face shape?  What face shape do I have?  So in an act of desperation, you grab the first pair in your reach and run to the check out while you still can!!  Then when you get home you do a little web search and find an amazing blog called Aspiring Gentlemen with a terrific post on sunglasses that saves the day!

Okay maybe that’s not exactly how your story goes, however, I do intend to supply you with a terrific post on picking sunglasses so here it goes.

Now as you go through this post keep reminding yourself of this phrase “None of this is style law, it’s solely suggestions.” Now when I say suggestion I don’t simply mean my own opinion, I’m basing this off the face & sunglass shape combination that has been looking good on men for years, and that will best complement your facial features.

The Foundation

The first question you should ask yourself is. What is my style? The answer to this is what will transcend all my suggestions. For example, if you have a square face and want to highlight that with a pair of wayfarer to standout and make a statement then do that!  Make sure you are finding your unique style and sticking to it! I don’t believe that any one person is predisposed to a specific pair of glasses because of their face shape.  It does help though to know what glasses work best with your face to optimize your look and any outfit.

Next is the function of the glasses you’ll be purchasing.  This may sound like a no brainer to most but it still worth mentioning. To me function trumps style every time, if your outfits aren’t comfortable and practical then you start to enter this trendy superficial form of style and lose the true sense of it.

So when you are looking for your next pair of shades make sure you grab ones that provide 100% UV protective, this is really not that much to be asking from your sunglasses, just keep an eye out for some of the sidewalk vendors they try and get away with that 80% stuff, don’t buy into it no matter how great they make you look!  This prevents eye wrinkles known as crows feet and the burning of the surface of your eyes known as photokeratitis, no I didn’t make that up, in simpler terms, you get an eye burn. If left unprotected this can cause cancer or blindness, so in the long run, make sure you protect those bad boys you’ll be happy you did!


When it comes to the style of frames your face shape plays a big rule, now distinguishing face features varies from guy to guy but they all can be reduced to about 4 basic shapes.

  1. Square, you may have a square face if your jawline is very prominent, a wide forehead and angular features.
  2. Round, the length, and width are the same size, full cheeks, and a rounded off chin.
  3. Oval, much like the round face but longer than wide, and may consist of skinnier features
  4. Heart/triangle, people with this shape will have a forehead that is the widest point on your face and your chin will come to more of a point.

With that said each shape has some does and don’ts when it comes to the frames, you’ll want to pick.  There are many many many different styles of sunglasses but I’ll narrow it down to 4



Wayfarer, this frame style can be pulled off by just about any man, it’s like all purpose of sunglasses.  Its style is boxy with a thick frame.


Clubmaster, the mature older brother to the wayfarer.  A thick upper half with a wire bottom, more structure, and class.

Image result for aviators sunglasses for men



Aviators, one of the most popular styles that comes with many different options like the old school teardrop to the more modern pilots. Its frames are curved with soft edges. Lots of guys try aviators but they aren’t meant for everyone.

Image result for round sunglasses for men



Round, what can you say about this pair, its round? Their very rock star, one of the harder pair to pull off but look great on some men.




Now you know different shapes lets match them up.

Square face, with this face shape you want to look for something not too boxy, look for rounded upswept design and thin frames. this will lessen the bold features on your face and help balance you out.  So pretty much all the glasses we went through will work, just be aware of the wayfarer styles.

Round, you are going to be in the wayfarer, clubmaster, range and a hand full of aviators, something with prominent details and try not to let them be taller than wide which will even out your face.

Oval, *ding ding ding* we’ve got a winner, your face shape works well with about any pair, so experiment and focus on your personal style.

Triangle/heart, you can get away with a lot of different styles but if you can find some styles with bottom details it will make your face look fuller.


You may think you have what you need to get back out there and get what you want, but you’re not out of the woods yet. This next thing I’ll be sharing with you is almost as important as the protection your sunglasses provide and that’s bridge fit. The bride fit is the distance between the lenses on your nose. If its to small the glasses ride to high up your face leaving a gap between your nose and glasses letting light in from the bottom, if it’s too big then they will slide too far down looking sloppy and unkempt, both of which you want to avoid. Your glasses should fit snugly on the bridge of your nose perfectly framing your eyes. Some nose pads on glasses with wire frame are adjustable to an extent but if they are plastic frames then they won’t be, so getting this right in the store is easier and hassle-free. If you have a pair of plastic glasses with a nice fit you can find the bridge measurement on the inside of the stem. You’ll see a string of numbers like this 52-20-135 the middle number will be your bridge measurement if you match that number up with your new pair you’ll be golden.

Lens Tints

Lens tint come in a lot of shades and for the most part is all a matter of personal taste as long as it has the 100% UV protection you’ll be good, but I’ll go through a few of my favorite.

Brown,   Is a great all around tint, but better suited for morning wear

Mirrored, if you’re looking for the best protection then go no further, the mirrored lens absorbs and reflects the sun’s glare.

Dark Gray,  A close second to the mirrored lens, offering protection while not blinding whoever you’re talking to.

Gradient,  When the lens is a dark tint on the top then slowly loses its dark shade as it moves down the glasses.  The Gradient lens is probably my favorite, good for any time of day keeps your eye protected from the sun while also allows you to read the paper or look at your phone by simply looking down through the lightly shaded bottom.

Green,  This is an old school look that I’ll use mostly in my aviators.

Now you’re ready to go get your snazzy new pair of sunglasses, but like I said before all the information I presented to you is merely a suggestion of what looks best, it’s by no means a substitute to your own personal style. Because if your not comfortable with what you wear it will show through and make anything look unflattering on you.  Know who you are and you’ll pick a rocking pair of shades.