15 things you could be doing wrong! Style 101: The do’s and  don’ts. 

My fellow aspiring gentlemen here are my 15 simple style do’s and don’ts you should always look out for. Enjoy!

#1 Make sure your clothing fits properly. This is the most important thing to get right because no matter what you buy or do it will all just look wrong.

#2 Make sure your neck tie is tied at the right length.  I’ve seen it done both ways but mostly people tie their tie to long. Now the correct placement is the tip or end of the tie should lay right between the bottom and top of your belt. Also beware of letting the narrow end of the tie hang lower than the larger end.

#3 Always wear a belt. This however does not apply if you’re wearing a tux or anytime suspenders are in use. It just helps with the streamline look of things.

#4 Matching your belt. When wearing a belt the color and finish of the belt should be the same as your shoes

#5 No suspenders with a belt. I see this far to often than I should, you should never wear a pair of dress suspenders with a belt. It just doesn’t make any sense to wear them both, your pants aren’t that heavy to need two methods of holding them up. Plus it looks weird.

#6 Leave the novelty ties at home. Ties with funny puns and animated cartoons haven’t went out of style gentlemen they quite simply have never been in style. So unless your intention is to make somebody laugh or someone specifically tells you to wear one to an event then don’t wear them.

#7 Hide your undershirt. When wearing an undershirt with any formal button up shirt you should stick  to a v-neck, when you wear a crew neck and you don’t wear a tie or have it buttoned up enough the collar can be seen and looks like you have no clue what your doing.

#8 Leave your bottom suit jacket button undone. When you wear a two or three button suit the bottom button should be left undone. It’s a style rule that dates back to early England when a fat king physically couldn’t button his bottom button so he left it undone and from then on people started leaving them undone, and so should you.

#9 Don’t wear sweatpants out. We all know you’re not wearing them to look your best and take pride in the art of men’s style. So don’t slack, go put on some slacks.

#10 Tuck in your dress shirts.  Dress shirts were designed to be tucked in so the bottom of the dress shirt is going to be a lot longer than it needs to be, because that helps the dress shirts stay tucked. So when it’s untucked it looks sloppy. So if you are wanting to wear a button up untucked make sure it’s not a true dress shirt or have your dress shirt altered to be worn untucked.

#11 Don’t  wear a tie and pocket square set. You walk into a store and BAM! Pocket square and tie set! I’m going to save so much MONEY!! Slow it down partner that set should never be worn together, a tie and pocket squares relationship is to compliment each other not match one another. So you can be the guy that buys a tie and pocket square pack, just don’t look like that guy.

#12 Match your sock to your suit pants. When wearing a suit you should match your socks to the color of your suit the best you can, not to your shoe color! This of course does not apply to Argyle or other such wild sock pattern.

#13 Match your tie size to the size of your lapel. If you have a wide lapel wear a wide tie, if you’re lapel is thin then your tie should be thin. Simple enough.

#14 No sunglasses inside. When you enter a building your glasses should be off as soon as you cross the threshold. If you don’t you run the risk looking like… No you will look like a dingus.

#15 Put a dimple in your tie. You may have noticed if you ever take the time to look at how another man tied his tie, most of the people who know what they are doing put a dimple in their tie. It’s not hard to do and sets up your outfit.