6 Essential Neckties All Men Must Own!

When speaking of neckties there is one thing you can be certain  of, that is the combinations are ENDLESS! From patterns, colors, fabrics, width, and length, it’s all customizable. So I’m going to provide you with the six tie patterns I personally wear as well as find most versatile and prevalent in today’s culture. Furthermore, this list is in no specific ordered of importance, for the reason that each tie may differ in ranking depending on your lifestyle. Some people may be in a free thinking environment where others may have a lot of important first impressions and that all plays a big role in what you wear! I do however feel like all 6 of these ties can fit into any self-respecting man’s closet, and won’t stay hung up there for long!

The 6 essential ties that every man needs in his wardrobe! Don’t get caught without any of these!

  1.  Basic solid tie. Good starter tie! This tie along with any others, it has its limits. Like in many areas in life having a well-stocked collection of ties will only help with outfit versatility, on a relatively inexpensive level. (unless you’re buying overpriced 24k gold ones.) The solid tie can go a long way. The solid tie should be worn between the formal to business casual zones, with the exceptions of brighter more vibrant colors could be worn to casual functions as well.
  2. Polka dot. This tie is more for casual wear, just stay away from the overly eye grabbing ones, big dots… funky colors… you get the picture. When putting together an outfit with a tie such as the polka dot, be sure to wear it between the casual and business casual zones. Now like I said before, the lighter the colors the more casual it becomes the deep rich colors it takes on a more formal appearance. Now with the pattern  the subtler the more you can dress it up.
  3.  Paisley. One of my personal favorites, but a very bold choice to say the least. Paisley has been making a comeback along with other 70’s style trends. This tie should be worn by a man working on the go or in a more casual layer back work environment. Definitely business and business casual material. As long as your work place isn’t like a U.S government building! Casual paisley is more along the line of a foulard pattern where it’s more of a gird is definitely an opinion. But what makes it my favorite, is the color combinations. Earthy colors for fall bright colors for summer! Paisley makes people take a double take, so take advantage of that second glance.

    When a paisley tie or pocket square gets too shiny, you slowly enter Vegas nightclub promoter territory. The pattern itself will get more than enough attention—it doesn’t also have to be reflective. — GQ

  4. Foulard. Meaning a repeating pattern. This is very popular and very broad tie style, in saying that be careful, you don’t want your tie making you look like a hotel rug. When wearing this particular tie, you can dress from the businesses to casual zone. Keeping all the colors in the same color family and an elegant pattern allows for a dresser look, whereas small repeating symbols such as anchors will do for casuals, but keep it simple. We’re not talking about novelty ties here folks!
  5. Striped. What can I say about striped ties that they don’t say about themselves already? They are clean, classic and very versatile. Stripped tied can be worn from formal all the way to casual. Start off with neutral colors and expand from there and you can’t go wrong.
  6. Knit. This is more for the seasoned dresser. Nevertheless, an amazing piece! Before you very rarely saw them in a formal setting. But in today’s age you can wear them just about any way you want. There are a few things I feel I should point out when talking about the knit tie. One, knit ties should only be tied in a four-in-hand knot because the tie itself it thinker by nature and most knots are too bulky. Two, if you want to wear it all year round buy a silk knit tie, your wools and cashmere are more worn in the winter, and your blends tend to be a spring and summer thing. Three, when to wear a knit tie? More in the casual zone unless you have a stiffer tie paired with a suit, it can really bring a whole new look to an outfit. I myself wouldn’t go higher than a business level personally. But the wears opinion is what matters.

Keep in mind that ties are meant to accent and go with an outfit, you shouldn’t be putting together your ensemble around your neck piece. But ties can help you make a statement, like when you see politicians wearing bold contrasting ties. This helps bring the attention on the subject but when attending a wedding that you’re not the groom, you shouldn’t be seeking attention to yourself, but rather showing respect but being nicely dressed to their event.

In closing everything must be done in context to your lifestyle. If you’re an artist go crazy and bold, if you’re an aspiring business professional keep it classy and elegant. An outfit is only as good as its ugliest article, so make you’re ties convey the message you want to get across to people! 
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