7 FREE upgrades you need to know about

Fact one as humans we tend to procrastinate things we ought to simply because theirs too much to learn and we don’t have all the resources needed to finish it to completion.  Much like our finances so we have a diversified portfolio or even know what that fully means? For the majority of us, we don’t because we don’t have the time or resources to invest and as a result, we miss out on all the benefits do to our stagnate state of being.

Fashion sense is no different. Even for me (and this is something I’ve very passionate about) being on a budget and feeling overwhelmed that I can’t keep up with the endless knowledge. I feel like I should wait till I have enough time and money.  But we can’t let this mindset dictate our lives. You’ve got to just do something! Something even if its a little thing is better then nothing.

Fact two dressing well takes time and money. so to help you just do something I decided I’d come up with some free things you can start doing now to improve your look.

Eliminate Clothing

This probably sounds counterproductive. “why would I throw out my clothing?” “I’m trying to build a wardrobe!” But trust me the best way to avoid an outfit disaster is by eliminating the landmines.pexels-photo-26549

I’m talking clothing that doesn’t fit, is worn out, stained. Don’t forget hasn’t been in style since your grandparents day or just something you haven’t worn in a while (6-8 month of no wear means you don’t need it).

This way you know what you have and what gaps you need to fill when the time comes. Plus you’re not sorting through clothing you don’t wear every time you get ready saving you time. Lastly, if the clothing is in good shape just too big for you or you don’t wear it sell it! Then use your earning to buy clothing that you need.




No more wrinkles gents

I shouldn’t have to even say this but I will. Ironing your clothing is a must and can’t be passed over because you’re in a hurry. Set aside for 10 minutes while folding your laundry and Iron your shirts! And if you’re not ironing your own clothes yet, you really need to start.

Start tucking in your shirts

Screenshot (1).png

First and foremost there is a difference between a dress button up and a casual button up. Both can be tucked in but only the casual ones should be untucked this is due to the length of the shirt. Dress shirts are longer, therefore, they look stupid untucked. This can give you a better-looking shape to your body’s silhouette.

This tip isn’t limited to just dress shirts you can also tuck in t-shirts and polo shirts and even some sweaters for a smarter look.

Learn To Sew

Not only is this free but it can save you money. I’m not talking about buying a sewing machine and make your own clothing. Knowing how to sew a button back on or moving it to give you a little extra room in the neck is simple and can bring your favorite shirt back to life. I believe every man should have this skill in his memory bank. A key if you want to make your own clothing that’s awesome! Learn how to sew a button on here.

Collar Stays

Image result for collar staysMost if not all dress shirts come with the stays already in the collar if you didn’t know that already. Make sure you take them out before you wash and dry your shirts. Use them every time you put on your shirt for a perfect collar every time.

If your shirt is old this one may cost you, but trust me it won’t be too pricey. You can probably go to your local men’s wear store and ask for some.

Roll it up

This is a two for one tip. Rolling up your button up sleeves, rImage result for cuffed jeans white t shirt menolling your t-shirts, and cuffing your jeans changes an outfits appearance dramatically. secondly, If your jeans bunch up too much cuffing them is a great alternative to getting them tailored.

The white T and jeans wouldn’t be a classic 50’s bad boy look if the shirt sleeves weren’t rolled and the jeans not cuffed.

You know that you can roll your button down sleeves but do you know how to do it properly Click here to see my two favorite ways of doing it.




Keep Your kicks clean

Shoes can make or break an outfit guys so make sure you keep yours in tip-top shape.  If you sink good money into quantity leather shoes you want them to last.  And for guys on budget shoes are a pretty big investment so you’ll want to take care of them.

This involves polishing them to keep the leather healthy.  Keeping them dry so the leather doesn’t dry up the leather and crack on you. Not to mention the dreaded creases, nothing looks better than an unwrinkled new pair of shoes. So in order to keep yours looking fresher longer splurge on cedar shoe trees! Pro tip, Storing your shoes for about 24 hours with a pair of cedar shoe trees in them will help with the hard creases while simultaneously eliminate sweaty feet odor.