5 Dress​ Shirt Hacks

All the days you go in and out looking dapper probably not even thinking of all the different ways you could be getting ready more efficiently and staying on point all day. Let’s jump in so you can start changing the way you look at your button ups!

Iron Free

We have all see the shirts at the department stores advertising iron free. But this usually means one of 2 things.

1 the shirt is crap when its iron free

2 it is way more expensive than all the others

This tip doesn’t actually make your shirts iron free but does help remove wrinkles when you can’t iron for whatever reason.

The dryer method: take a damp towel (or 2 ice cubes) throw it in your dryer steams the wrinkles and you’re good to go!


Shower method: take a spray bottle and mist your shirt. I mean mist not soak! But that bad boy on a hanger when you’re taking your hot shower and give the shirt a
few whips after and BANG you’re wrinkle free!

Placket Perfectione5e6e67efe855271bfab87762ef0d8db.jpg

If you shop on a budget like I do its hard to find a shirt or justify buying a high-quality shirt with a placket that stands on its own. Regardless its what we long for.

So here are some ways to reach peak placket states.

Free: This one is temporary but still effective, use a flat iron weather is your sisters, girlfriends, mom’s, or your own and iron the placket of your shirt, mist it with some water for max effect!

Paid: I head a lot of style blogger mention this and for good reason. Million Dollar Collar makes a great product for a great price, you won’t be breaking the bank… but you will look like you own it!

(side note)  I have heard of another product called Perky Collar it cost about $21 on Amazon but the cool thing about it is you only need to buy one and interchange it between shirts!

Speed round… go… Metal collar stays and magnets to keep the collar up, double sided tape, and scotch sticky putty

Sweat Stains

Celebrity-Sweat-8One of the biggest confidence killers out there is sweat stains.  Unless you’re killing it at the gym its something we want to avoid. In all the research I did for you guys the best solution to this problem is… you guessed it! Undershirts!

But not just any undershirt you want something with some extra padding under the pits and well ad proper moisture wicking abilities!

The other thing I’ve found is that we may be sabotaging ourselves with our deodorant! Give your deodorant enough time to dry it doesn’t do it the job well when you start to sweat before its completely dry so give it a few minutes before you get dressed next time.

You may ask its too late I have yellow pits what do I DO? don’t worry I got you covered!

  • Don’t iron a sweat stain or sweat patch, as the heat will ‘set’ it, making it harder to shift.
  • If the sweat stains are really bad or the stain has ‘set’, soak the armpit area of your clothes in a mixture of two parts white vinegar and one part water before washing – this will break down the stain. Don’t do this with delicate fabrics.

Staying tucked

Shirt stays are the easiest and fastest way! What if you don’t have time for that you need to get dressed and get going! what do you do? it’s best shown in an illustration

Personally, I do both at the same time and it works well for me! I will say that the better fitting the shirt the chances of it stay in are greater.

Cut A New Collar

You’re faced with a decision whether to keep or toss your shirt, the collar has wrinkles, stains or frays I guess that means goodbye to your shirt right? Wrong!

Grab some scissors fold the collar so it lies flat and then cut along the first seam that’s above the top button of your dress shirt. Now you have a band collar and you just bought your shirt back alive! Aspiring Gent saving button ups one reader at a time.


Thanks for reading and please share this post if you found it helpful or you’d like to help out a friend who you think could use this! Stay Dapper!







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