Upping Your Style Subtlety

When the point in your life you realize your style needs to be improved come along it can be hard especially when your friends/peers aren’t following the same wave of improvement you are.

Don’t let this deter you from taking that step, whether your friends are on board or not you need to press on, it’s totally worth it in the end! So if you’re still looking to improve and not draw attention to yourself here’s how!

For starters, we are going to look at the most essential and basic step in building a killer wardrobe. Fit… Getting your clothing to fit you right will improve your style while also allowing your peers to adjust to the new you.


Picture by articlesofstyle.com

If your style is so bad that even if the clothing did fit it wouldn’t look good start with the essentials and start with the beginner section and grow from there Click here to read that!

Next, we want to change the way we style our outfits altogether if the clothing you already own is stylish and hopefully fitting right after the first step you shouldn’t have bought any new pieces yet just using what you have to its full potential. Here is some easy way to improve by simply styling differently.

 Tucking in your shirts (even plain T-shirts believe it or not) this gives off a simple smart look to your outfit. You’re setting yourself apart but taking that extra step.

 Rolling your sleeves the right way (T-shirts included). Many guys do this kind of sloppy roll on dress shirts that look outright terrible. taking the time to roll them the right way is a classy move. To add to that cuffing jean hems look especially dapper when exposing the contrasting denim color.

Iron your clothing/Take care of it will go a long way. if you’re wear clothing that’s a wrinkled mess you definitely won’t impress. 😂  See what I did there? and the reason so many guys have creases and wrinkles in their clothing is that they don’t hang them up or fold them, this lack of care will create more work for you when getting ready as well cut down the life of the garment.


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At this stage of the game, you want to start experimenting with new trends and looks. If you’re a streetwear guy try some dress slacks with that white T. If you’re more traditional throw some white sneakers with your suit. Have some fun inside the realm of reason we aren’t animals that think cutting our pants, adding a tux jacket and biker boots is stylin.



So you finished that and at this point, you have flown under the roast radar and are now ready to take this thing all the way to funky town! Start finding people you admire their style and take from it and make it your own basically just building your personal image. Your friends won’t be as shocked when you start wearing monk straps & well-fitted suits (if that’s your style) they will kind of expect it by now.

One last thing to leave you with as warning. No matter how subtly you make this change there will be the people that will continue to make fun and put you down. These people are toxic and honestly probably aren’t really your friends, to begin with, and need to keep them at a distance. Negative people will pull down whoever they can so they can feel better about themselves and the reason a man should dress better isn’t for the sake of dressing better, its the whole package mental, physical, and spiritual to come together and make you the best man you can be!

On the other hand, it may be hard to remove the toxic people from your life like a co-worker or family member. In this case, you must keep in mind that you’re doing whats best for you. You’re going to be more liked by other and do better at work even get more attention from women, and they only pick you apart because of their jealousy. You may have to see and hear them from time to time but do whatever you can to distance yourself from them because the more they rub off on you the worst you will become and we don’t want that!