6 Items You Wear To A Wedding

You’ve got an invitation to a wedding and you couldn’t be happier for the couple. And you want to show up right, not only does this show respect to the couple, you also want to impress all the single ladies! 😉

So what are all the items you want in your back pocket that you can wear over and over again and stay classy for weddings to come?

A Fitted Suit

This is not some generic bs, let’s get into specifics.

Gray, Blue, Brown/Tan

This core will help in any wedding environment. Obviously gray and blue will be the most versatile suits, tan will be more of a summer styling whereas brown can be worn into fall.

One thing I hold second to fit is versatility! But hear me out, in this case, wearing a suit with a pattern would do some good. (if this won’t be your only suit) When at a wedding you want to make an impression but in a subtle way.  So introducing some light patterns is a very fun way to set yourself apart from a room of people dressing their best!

Fitted Dress Shirt

More than likely the suit coat doesn’t stay on long after the ceremony. Making sure you have a dress shirt that stays tucked in and well fitted to your body is a must.

As far as color goes white and light blue will work with any of the suits above, again like with the suits it might be fun to add some light pattern to the mix for added effort. Keep it minimal you don’t want to upstage the bride and groom.

Bonus tips: Shirt Stays and undershirts are worth their weight in gold when moving and dancing all night it helps to have some protection from sweat marks and the dreaded muffin top!

Leather Shoes

Please don’t cheat here and buy low quality the shoes on a man’s feet can make or break the entire outfit. If you have a pair of nice leather shoes, that aren’t bulky square tipped, make sure you polish them the night before.

The shoes you wear should always match the belt you’re wearing if you decide to wear one. (we’ll talk about that more soon) and go with the colors of your outfit. If you have a gray suit, black tie, then black shoes are your best bet, or blue suit, burgundy tie, do with brown shoes.



Other than fresh smelling socks, something funky that ties into the outfit well if a nice way to show you can dress yourself and your care for the small details plus they have been trending for a few years now so you won’t look like a clown.

Belt Or Not?


Wearing a belt is a must in all but one situation and that’s with a suit. Not wearing a belt gives a more streamlined look and helps the viewer’s eyes move up and down the outfit with ease.

If you decide not to wear a belt you need your pants fitting to perfection no hiking them up all night gentlemen.

If a belt is in your outfit wearing future make sure it matches your shoes and it’s not too long. Generally, your belt size is 1-2 sizes bigger than your pant size. If you’re questioning it, try it on and you want 3 holes extra sticking out.

Bonus tip: If you have a nice leather belt but it looks old and worn apply some shoe polish to that bad boy and voila new looking belt!

The Tie


Depending on the wedding this would be optional but when in doubt wear one it’s easily taken off. Color and pattern are up to your creative liberty but for the noncreative type stripes, foulard, small dots,  and solids are your go-to designs. Color go in the same color family of your suits or a tie that has the suit color as an accent color. You don’t want a bold color like red, orange, or bright yellow for you’ll draw too much attention to yourself and it’s not your day.

Bowties will work too but if you’re not totally confident in wearing them or have trouble tieing them I’d stick to a long tie. If not done right a bowtie will look juvenile. and pretied one isn’t going to fly my friend! Youtube how to tie one if you must wear one!

Don’t let the tie end up on your head gentlemen, please don’t…

You know have all the information you need to be the best-dressed man at the wedding besides the groom of course! 😉 ( you actually might out dress him)