6 Windbreaker Looks For Spring 2018

Windbreakers this spring are just about the best thing for outfit layering in 2018 according to esquire. Personally, I agree with them there are so many ways you can wear a windbreaker today that appeal to every style type. Plus they are functional too, making them all the better! Here are my top 6 ways to wear the windbreaker… (In no order)

Windbreakers are arguably the best jacket to make a good outfit with in 2018              -Christine Flammia

 Smart Casual

Playing with solid dark colors turns this on-trend piece on its head to highlight its function because it’s not the loud color blocking ones we see on the runways. It’s cool, calm, and collected just like its wearer. Pair with a black turtleneck because it go with everything and they will soon be gone!


Retro Sports Wear/ Color Blocking

Like I said the Retro/color blocking windbreakers are the trending ones. I would recommend this look to the fast fashion guy that doesn’t mind not being the pinnacle of fashion a few years from now.  The fun kind of person that lives in the moment and has enough self-confidence today and later when they explain why they dressed like that to their kids.


The Outdoors Man

This is another instance when the function is center stage. When camping or hiking it’s important to stay warm and dry. But let’s be honest not every outdoor look is pair with a brisk walk in the woods but wearing a vibrant (but not in your face) color windbreaker from Northface or Patagonia per say lets people know that’s where your mind is at.


Fit Is King Look

Fit is everything to you whether your a t-shirt and jeans man or button down + cardigan folk a well-fitted windbreaker is a great addition to your lightweight jacket game and can be slipped into a wardrobe as easily as the rain runs off it. Take advantage of the clothing protecting benefits while the trend lasts… who am I kidding if you go this route it will always last!



The best way I can explain athleisure wear is dress like your going to exercise but forget about the exercising part. This kind of ties in with the outdoors look but more mainstream fashion. It’s super popular now and I personally am experimenting with it. To pull it off, however, its super simple get a windbreaker with your favorite athletic brand or sports team on it, throw it over your eye-catchy sneakers and tailored joggers.

Bonus Tip: Sports teams garb is in this spring and summer too so you can kill 2 fashion trend with 1 nugget of wisdom.


The Bomber Man

For my peeps out there looking for a more dressed up version of the windbreaker and don’t want to let go of the bomber jacket here’s a happy medium. Find something with a bit of a waterproof shell or the apperiance of one and you are virtually wearing the same thing as a windbreaker. With the perk of being able to dress it up!

221 bc

If you have any example of how you’re wearing a Windbreaker this seasson share a picture on Instagram or Facebook with #AGWindbreaker I’d love to see how you style it!

Keep on killing it guys!