6 Suit Brands For Budget Shoppers

You all what to look good and that comes at a price. Well, I’m here to show you that that price doesn’t have to be so BIG!

Staring off with a disclaimer *Some suits brand mentioned here many vairy in quilty from store to store. When a store like Macy’s or Burlington Coat find a label they like they can get a privet label where the brand of a suit will be lesser or greater quality depending on the price point they want to reach. This happens most at outlet stores…

1 Nick Graham   8867281_fpx.tif

This one I’m most impressed with as far as fit and feel go. Coming in at a price range at about $150 – $245 you get a good bang for your buck. They leave a decent amount of extra fabric (know as inlay) which makes alternations easy.

This suit is not a full wool suit and if that turns you off then this isn’t the suit for you. But if the price is a big deal for you right now it’s a great buy and will do its job.

You can find this brand at: Bon-Ton, Burlington Coat Factory, Macy’s, Kohls,  Nordstrom Rack, and their website nickgraham.com

2 London Fog64619676a8c3aa5c6967f2a62934876e

You’ve Probably seen Neil Patrick Harris advertising this suit. But let me warn you depending on where you buy the quality and price can vary so I’d stay away from the $59.95 dollar sales. The best quality for price ratio I’ve found is about $250 – $300 the reasons I’d go for the higher end is you get better 100% wool fabrics and the fit for the jacket and pant improves a good bit!

This suit comes in a Europen cut, so slim and short, probably not ideal for the bigger man. Also, the inlay on this brand isn’t great so buy it to be taken in and not let out.

You can find this brand at:  Burlington Coat Factory, Macy’s, Ross Dress For Less, and their website.(but it’s not the best user experience)


This Brand brings it when it comes to up to date contemporary style. They are well known for their great shirt selection,  but when it comes to jacket and sport coats they are the full package. They don’t sell full suits but the blazers and sport jackets are good enough to stand on their own. Mixed with some separate slacks and you have all you need!

As far as fabric they are all over the place from wools to linen and seersucker. The fit is modern so the bigger guys can pull it off. Much like fabric the price ranges, from $145 – $299.

You can find this brand at:  Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th, Stein Mart, Bloomingdale’s, and TailorByrd.com

4 Tallia Orange2-1

If a core set of suits is what you’re looking for keep scrolling… This Brand is always coming up with need patterns for each season so you can expect not to be wearing the same thing as everyone else.

On the slim side but I’ve seen larger men pull it off. If being up to date in fashion is for you then look no further. At a sale price of $150 – $250 (some in the $300) It’s worth the money to only pull out once and awhile.

You can find this brand at: Bon-Ton, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, neweditionfashion.com, Stein Mart and Saks Off 5th.

5 Daniel Hechterman-1-v

This brand may not come off as the most affordable at $450 but most places just use that as a selling point when they mark it down to $225. It’s a great suit line and they come in solids and patterns so a little for everyone. Except for they have a boxy fit so if you’re like me and what your clothing tight and you’re a thin guy stick with Nick, London, and Tallia. However good tailoring can fix the fit issue.

Full wool suit coming in at around $200 – $360 even less if you find a sale!

You can find this brand at:  Macy’s, and local/online independently owned stores. 

6 Surmesurweb_medium_156754-0_5eabad03c0

If you haven’t heard about them before, consider yourself very lucky. This startup provides custom suits and shirts at a ridiculously low price. Some items can add up too $1000 or more but you get what you pay for. Stick with the base fabrics and you’re looking at $500! For Custom that’s awesome!

If you’re on a budget but what to treat yourselves to the custom experience this is the way to go. Get a shirt while you’re at it they start at $60 bucks!

You can find this brand at: They have about 15 stores with 2 being in America. I did hear that they are planning on expanding more in America but want to wait so not to overextend themselves. (Their website is Surmesur.com)

So for all my strapped for cash gents out there I hope I could broaden your horizon on suit selection. We don’t need to go buy the H&M suit that will last you 6 months. You should be able to dress better and save! Let me know if you try one of the brands above and tell me what you think about them!