Hello world

Hi my name is Louis Geramita. I’m here to help, I’m on a mission to show young men how to dress sharp! Its been a passion of mine to learn about men’s style and the skills it takes to be a better man, I’ve been interested in such things, ever since I made the change to forsake the sloppy dressing trends and the lack of real men of the culture.redoedit

“The price of greatness is responsibility.”~Winston Churchill

I can’t  help but notice some lazy carelessness in the way (young) men have been dressing. I was no exception to this  and it took a while and a few people for me to get the wake-up call.  None the less, it showed a lack of self-discipline and respect!  Some are lazy, others clueless, but the majority of us get lost in the day-to-day routine and don’t think much of what we’re wearing.  However trust me , others  care about what you put on. In the first minute of meeting someone, an opinion  or first impression is made. For most this impression stays in the back of their minds for life. This is a big deal if you go for a job interview, meet business/school partners, or a first date! You want people to think positive things when they see you: loyalty, honesty, discipline, attention to detail, or whatever the case maybe,  and you want that impression to stick for life. So the days of shabby dressing are over. Lets move onward! I’ll assist you by answering questions and providing tips, as you make the decision to take a step above the extremely low standard for mens attire.


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